It was lost in time and across generations the building’s age. In the village some say back to the 1910…
The house, made with rolled river stone, presents area’s trait architecture, two floors, where the ground floor, formerly known as “night refuge of bats” - they entered through the window’s bars, was traditionally intended for stable, storage carts and agricultural tools, where families across time dwelled the space of the first floor. There is also a traditional inside courtyard with its typical wood-fired oven made of clay and stone.

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Acquired in 2004 and named A Casa do Sotam - adopting the name of the river that runs through the village, Rio Sotam, also the inverted family name Matos, current owners - the house has been recently restored, maintaining the original charm and adapted to obtain great comfort, key to an unforgettable countryside experience.
The old refuge of bats was converted into a comfortable living and dining room, cool in summer and warm in winter by the heat of wood caught in the mountains, here guests can be delighted with an unforgettable breakfast featuring local handmade bread, natural juices, magnificent cake Bolo de Cornos and natural local honey, all served with several flavours homemade jams. Is also here or in our long kitchen table, that guests can taste lunch or dinner – pre reserved, getting known of region typical gastronomy such as Chanfana, Bucho Recheado or Tigelada de Gois, served in colorful plates by a renown ceramic brand, Bordallo Pinheiro.
Snacks can be appreciated in the small dining room overlooking the courtyard or in the relaxing garden attached to the house, where bread kneaded by our guests, cooked in our wood-fired oven, will make of course the best base to snacks or a nice barbecue at the end of day .
Next to the living room, for those with mobility issues we offer "Four Seasons" room, allowing relaxation by the sound of the running nearby Sotam River.
And for those who just want to relax, read a book or use a computer, on the top of the stairs, you’ll find a nice quiet corner.
On this first floor we find the remaining rooms, the choice can range between the romantic Romeo and Julietta, the quiet The White Stem, the irreverent A Pin Up, The Yellow Submarine or the cozy Les Oiseaux .
In Sotam Country House you’ll find a space that combines the hardiness of a country house with the functionality and comfort of a modern house, integrated in a quiet environment in harmony with stunning views of the mountains that surround it.



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