From the top of the hill in the coziness of an hermitage Nossa Senhora da Candosa, seems to observe the most beautiful views of the village.

By contrast, the view from Sotam Country House for the same cliff is nevertheless also stunning, especially at sunset or at night Procession to N. Sra. da Candosa.
The village - Vila Nova do Ceira, is a quiet and pleasant village of Gois municipality, composed of a small cluster of places including the village of Murtinheira where the Sotam Country House dwells...
This village is crossed by two rivers, the Ceira and the Sotam, they join very near of Sotam Country House, in the famous Hill of Nossa Senhora da Candosa, a ravine carved by water through the rock (Cabril), an almost idyllic spot...
Here, visitors can enjoy the breathtaking landscape, take a swim in the crystal clear waters of the 150 meters high canyon, and for the more radicals try to climb the quartz crests of this schist Mountains.

Associated to the origin of this landscape so characteristic is a legend, the Legend of Cerro da Senhora da Candosa.

A tour around the region, the visitors can still enjoy the strong marks of million year glaciations, which are present in large round boulders and authentic "folds" existing on the rocks in the mountains and on the river banks...
Corn, vineyards and olive trees are commonly grown in the river valleys. On the steep slopes of the valley prevails a blend of pine and eucalyptus trees.
In any corner of the village, visitors can still find a donkey pulling a cart fill with natural grown agricultural products or observe oxen working the land, in perfect harmony with nature.
The village doesn’t depend of rustic products, for those who wish to take a refreshing bath in the river
Ceira, Canaveias river-beach is a properly modernized space, with the necessary equipment and services, and the best place for recreation, very popular during summer time.
Vila Nova do Ceira
still holds a dynamic population, with a well-creased cultural tradition.
But don’t think that everything is boring fireside evenings in this small Beirã village because our guests can participate in pleasantly exiting frequent events, promoted both by Folk group As Sachadeiras da Várzea; Os Mensageiros da Alegria; or by Grupo de Violas e Cantares de Vila Nova do Ceira, Grupo de Músicas e Cantares da Várzea or Grupo de Teatro Geração Varzeense.
Probably you’ll hear some native English spoken, there is a small English community in Vila Nova do Ceira that acquired and restored old houses in village centre.



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